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What is included in my subscription box?Updated 4 months ago

What's included in each level of our subscription boxes, designed to captivate and educate young minds about the wonders of wildlife and conservation:

Zookeeper Box (Ages 3-5)

This box is curated to spark curiosity and love for animals in preschoolers. Each Zookeeper Box includes:

- A **full-sized stuffed animal** of the month's featured species, perfect for cuddling.

- A **paperback pre-reader book** themed around the animal of the month, fostering early reading skills.

- An **ecosystem poster** with stickers, allowing kids to engage visually with the animal's habitat.

- A **postcard**, offering a unique way to connect with friends or conservationists working to protect wildlife.

- An **activity magazine** filled with a craft (including all necessary supplies) or game, a recipe, coloring pages, conservation information, and other engaging activities.

- **Decal sticker** and **crayons** in every box, adding to the creative fun.

Zoologist Box (Ages 6-8)

Designed for early elementary students, the Zoologist Box encourages a deeper understanding of wildlife through:

- A **full-sized stuffed animal** of the month, bringing the featured species into your home.

- A **paperback level 2 reader book** themed after the animal of the month, aimed at developing reading comprehension.

- An **ecosystem poster** with stickers, to explore the animal's environment.

- A **postcard** for sharing experiences or supporting conservation efforts.

- An **activity magazine** with a craft or game, recipe, coloring pages, and more, plus conservation info to inspire young conservationists.

- A **bookmark**, **decal sticker**, and **a pencil** in every box, perfect for young explorers.

Conservationist Box (Ages 9-12)

Tailored for older kids, this box includes advanced materials to challenge and inform budding conservationists:

- A **full-sized stuffed animal** of the featured species, making wildlife conservation personal.

- A **large full-color book** themed around the animal of the month, providing in-depth knowledge.

- An **ecosystem poster** with stickers, for a hands-on learning experience about habitats.

- A **postcard** to encourage communication with friends or real-life conservationists.

- An **activity magazine** with crafts or games, a recipe, coloring pages, and educational content on conservation.

- A **bookmark**, **decal sticker**, and **a pen** in every box, supporting older kids' learning and creativity.


Please be aware that the contents of past subscription boxes may have varied. The current list reflects the most up-to-date offerings as of January 2024.

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