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What conservation groups do you donate to?Updated 4 months ago

At edZOOcation, we're committed to a future where wildlife thrives, and communities are connected through conservation. Our efforts span the globe, from the African Painted Dog Research Trust and Cheetah Conservation in Botswana to supporting marine life with the Vaquita CPR initiative and reef restoration projects. 

We champion education and awareness through partnerships with America's Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College and engage with many PTAs to foster environmental stewardship. Our collaborations with esteemed institutions like the Aquarium of the Pacific, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Zoos Victoria, alongside the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), highlight our dedication to animal welfare and conservation education.

Key initiatives like the Elephant Crisis Fund, Ewaso Lions, and Conservation Through Public Health with the Wildlife Conservation Network, alongside the World Wildlife Fund, underscore our commitment to protecting diverse species and their habitats. 

Our support extends to the Rainforest Trust for forest conservation, and the Natural History Museum and National Audubon Society for public education on nature's wonders. We aim to inspire action and foster a deep connection with the natural world through these partnerships.
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