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How do I add an item to my upcoming subscription order?Updated 4 months ago

To add an item to your upcoming subscription box order, log on to the subscription portal here.

Click on View next order.

You may need to scroll down to see the 'add on' section. You can side-scroll through our most popular add-on items or click 'browse all products'

From there, you can search by your favorite species or for past subscription boxes.

To add an item, click the 'Add' button beneath the item.

You can modify the quantity or change the delivery address if needed.

Click add to order to add the item to your next paid order automatically.

To manage your add-on, go to upcoming orders and click 'edit' on the order containing the add-on item.

Click Manage this Product.

From there you, you can reschedule or remove the item from your upcoming order. 

If you need any assistance with your add-on order, or if you would like to try to add an item to an order that has recently processed please reach out to customer support!

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